Thursday, 7 April 2016

Mahabharat - A different point of view - Conclusion

Mahabharat the war was inevitable. It was destined. Though it was a destruction, it lead to new generation, new ethics. Old ethics and beliefs were cleared off and new ethics were established. Lord Krishna Himself did this. We have noticed different culture, behaviour and beliefs in different eras. Tretayuga, When Ram was born, people's belief, dedication towards lord, ethics, behaviour, everything was different. Then came Dwaparyug, where politics, cruelness (at small scale level) was installed. Krishna destroyed them with its tactics and power.

And now here we are in Kaliyug. The worst era of all. Today we here many types of crimes. People are crossing limit of cruelness. Rapes, Murders, torture and what not. But yes their is still hope. People still fear god, the almighty. Earth surviving just because their many innocent people staying on this planet, who still follow the rules of nature and almighty.

Mahabharat was a teaching, a lesson to a common man of Today. Krishna's vision was way beyond the timing. If we read Gita, yes it is really still helpful in this era too. One have to fight against all odds himself. He cant expect, Ram, Krishna or Shiva to come to his rescue. Yes they will surely come to help him, only when he himself will fight for it. Krishna says, such a religion, ethics and practices are useless if they become the base of injustice. To survive, you will have to play politics, be selfish sometimes (not always). Their is a famous saying, A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first.

We call Krishna as PuranPurush. He was perfect, He was intelligent, cunning for his enemy and lovable for his loved ones. We can learn many things from him, though we cant follow each and every thing he did. He was a super human. People still love him, worship him. Ram is always God for most of people, but Krishna is more dear to his each and every devotee. He is always their friend, inspiration and love. Before ending my view, I will never forget to say, all this three post are dedicated to Him.

|| Shri Krishnarpanamastu ||