Monday, 14 December 2015

Our Ancestors were apes ... Is it so???

Yes, Today I am going to touch a really controversial topic which I am listening as well as thinking about. We have been taught from school days, that Our ancestors were apes. Due to evolution in homo sapiens, the structure of apes slowly got converted to what we are today. Standing erect, no tail, no hair on body (their are still some hairy people among us ;-) ) etc. But is it so.

My brain is still not ready to accept this theory. The basic question behind this is their still many apes present in this world, why didn't they got converted to humans. We can see monkeys in circus, that means they live with humans, eat with them. Why do they didnt got converted yet. I am not a scientist to make any such statement or present any theory regarding this. But as a common man, I think we are completely a different species or race altogether. Though we have resemblance with apes, they cannot be our ancestors. Secondly, the bullshit told to us regarding amoeba, from which all the species are derived. 

Their is one possibility. This may sound sci-fi but yeah I think we are not from this planet(!). We do not belong to earth. We have placed here from some other planet. Further we have adapted this environment. And thats today we are living. And looking at the climatic conditions and thanks to our so called intelligence, we are now destroying this planet. Very soon, their will be a time when we will have to search for some other planet to stay. Scientists are working hard to find such place where we can establish our civilization if such apocalyptic situation occurs in our distant future. 

We cannot predict what will happen tomorrow, but still we have control on our today and we need to utilize this time to save our species and the planet.