Monday, 14 December 2015

Krishna - The greatest mystery ever

Their are too many unsolved mysteries in this world about which we keep on talking. Bermuda Triangle, Area 51, UFO etc. But Our Indian Mythology has a biggest mystery hidden which is next to impossible to be solved. He is Lord Krishna. So who was he? As we all know him as a god, Incarnation of Lord Vishna etc. He was a thief, politician, lover boy, mumma's boy, fantastic brother, great leader, philosopher, killer (Yes, he killed his own uncle. Of course for right cause), and what not. The list is unending.

Whenever we read his story, we get something new about him, yet we dont know him completely. Their is one dialogue, when Krishna comes to abduct Rukmini, Arjun asks him, if her brother will identify him, as he comes in a disguise of a milkman. He says, no one yet, not even you have identified me, then how he will identify me. Thats his mystery. I have read about all other incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But Krishna is truly his complete form.

His intelligence is unparalleled. His love is unmatched yet.For Pandavas it would have been impossible to win the War of Mahabharat without Him. I have alot to say about him, but my words are falling short to explain him. He is unexplained and he will remain a mystery for the entire world till its end.