Saturday, 3 August 2013

Is Really Everything in our hand???

We always say that we can do anything, everything is in our hand. But is it really true. When someone fails to do something, others keep on taunting him, you could have done this, but you didnt tried. But is it really so?? Many a times we work 100%, still we fail why?? As per my view, nothing is in our hand.

Yah that doesn’t mean we should not do the actions or the work given to us. God says, keep on doing work assigned to you, dont wait for results. Leave it on me.
If everything is in our hand, are we pushing the earth to rotate?? Are we giving her direction to move around sun?? Do we produce rains, snowfall, tides etc..
Then we say that this is been done by nature. Then who is this nature?? Whenever we sleep, our brain sleep, but many of our internal organs still keep on working. And if they don’t, we will die. Do we manually give Direction to them?? Mr heart, Keep on pumping, Mr blood, Keep on flowing, Do we do this??

We say nothing is impossible, have we yet conquered death?? Do we humans have complete knowledge about dreams. Many scientists have theoretical explanations to all this, but are they sure that they have completely understood all this phenomena?? Answer is No. We still dont know how mind creates dream and projects in front of us. We still dont know how some disease cause someone to die, when others get cure.

Whenever someone fails to explain some phenomena, we call it as accident. When someone fails to explain reasons behind the fact, we call it as excuses. But they happen. It happens with someone now, will happen with other after some time. Everybody goes through each and every mode of life. And till we don’t experience it, we don’t understand the joy or sorrow behind particular situation.

The conclusion is, nothing is in our hand. We can just do our work, perform actions, rest all leave it on almighty...