Monday, 24 June 2013

Hey God !! u there??

Existence of god has always been a debatable issue. People who believe say yes, and who don't say no. Every human being believes in some type of supernatural power who is backing them at every moment of their life.Atheist people believe in themselves. They don't believe in god. But many times I think how can we question on existence of god. I got some points you people also must have thought about.

Now first of all, we got lots of temples all over the world. Can anybody tell me how are they created? How can a human imagine which really doesn't exist. As per my knowledge, a man can imagine only if he have seen that kind of thing somewhere around him. He cant imagine anything which is non existing. The ancient people, we can say our great great ancestors, must have seen god. 

Yesterday, I was watching a video regarding Puma Punku, which says in ancient times aliens came to earth and helped us (humans) to establish and organize ourselves. Humans worshiped them as god. They had all those supernatural powers, which we believe a god has. I again want to come to the same point. How can a human write the ancient scripts which our archaeologists discovered with its own imagination. Their are places like mohenjodaro, Egyptian pyramids which are practically impossible for humans to create. 

Are they created by those gods, to teach humans for next millions of decades?? I myself believe in god. And always think he should be their present somewhere in this universe, or even he can be on this earth somewhere watching his devotees (and non-devotees), their actions and contributions towards the nature and humanity. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Incarnation - Believe It Or Not

In my last blog, we spoke about death. When we talk about death, we also talk about incarnation. We can also call it as rebirth. Is that really exist. Lots of research is been carried out by scientists to understand the phenomena. It is something like a soul changing the body when it gets damaged or old. Ultimate fate or destiny of a soul is always unknown. Some people say it rest back to the place (god) from where it came. Some say it never gets peace. It keeps on roaming and changing the bodies.

As per Hindu culture, a soul takes 84 lacs rebirths in different forms including animals, birds, insects etc. And finally it gets human body. And then it goes back to its origin. I read some articles in which I got interesting stories about incarnation. We all must have watched movies regarding incarnation. How can we really describe this phenomena. Taking one example, their was a girl in india living in a very rural area. One find day she met with an accident. When she woke up, she started talking in some other language including English. How can an illiterate girl living in rural area suddenly start talking in English?? she gave description of her previous father and mother and even her husband. People from her village went the place she described and found everything she mentioned, including her old aged parents. In previous birth, she died in car accident. 

One more case was about a small child, who remembered all the incidences from his previous birth. He was a truck driver and died in accident. When his current parent took him to his home, they saw a widow with his son. When they spoke to them, the widow told them the same story which the kid told to his parents. So what this can be?? We cant say it as multiple personality disorder. How can a child have other personality of a truck driver without knowing him?? or how can a girl have MPD and start talking in English though she is illiterate?? no answers. 

If asked to me, I would say that yes i do believe in incarnation, what do you think??

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Death is Immortal

Whenever we think about immortality. We look out for people who are immortals. But we conveniently forget that death itself is immortal. Their is no death to Death. Humans or mankind have succeeded in many fields.But still they are unable to conquer the death. On the other hand we can say that their are many things in this world that mankind haven't yet conquered. Death stands in top of all of them. Their are many types of death. Accidental death, Death due to disease, murder etc. If human succeeds to overpower death due to disease, we can't give guarantee about other kind of deaths. Accidental deaths cannot be avoided, as they are mistakes of human itself.

I have read some articles in which people says we have cheated death. They say that every human has its death time finalized by nature or we can say god. Once the time comes the god of death comes to pick us.But if it happens that god doesn't reach on time (hahaha!!!) the person come across some accident but miraculously doesn't die. Now we don't know its a miracle of his destiny. If we really think about death, it is the phenomena which occurs after immense pain to human body, which may cause due to diseases like heart attack, cancer etc. Other causes are accidental, say car accident, train accident and many others in which human body is hit so hard or on the very sensitive organs that human body can't sustain and it causes a person to die. But this doesn't complete the answer. Every human being, he may be highly educated, but he believes in soul. Their is some kind of supernatural energy and power in every human being which controls human body, its nature, and also the karma. And death is departing the soul from human body.

But then the question arises, where does the soul comes from and goes to?? no answer yet. Many experiments have been carried out by scientists. One of the experiment was done by a group of scientist, which proved the existence of soul. They took a written permission from a person who was very aged and about to die to carry out their experiment. They kept him in a glass box and closed box. Note that the box was air tight glass box. The person died after few minutes. And then they heard sound of breaking glass. When they went near the box to check, they found that glass was broken in one corner. That is the soul left the body and made its way from that glass.

Conclusion, Death is Immortal, and as we change our clothes everyday, our soul too needs to change the body (not everyday!! :)). And for that death is must!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Immortal Sound Waves

I know you people must be thinking what this subject is suggesting?? Sound Waves. We have learnt about it in school days. These sound waves are used in sonar navigation and many other systems. But sometimes I think, does this sound waves die after reaching to some point?

In this universe there are unlimited sound waves still flying everywhere. The need is to catch those sound waves. This sound waves may contain lots of information about many things existing or non existing in this world. Scientist are working on catching those waves, which may prove a boon for mankind. Lets talk about this sound waves on a very low level.

Say, Now two people are talking to each other. Their each word spoken by them creates a sound wave which reaches to others ears, and then travels from ear to brain. Brain interprets the sound waves and then the other person reacts or answers the first person. This happens in fraction of seconds, that we cant even imagine. But it also happens that some waves doesn’t reaches the persons brain. Then where does it go?? This waves keeps floating in our surroundings, atmosphere, and ultimately in universe. We must have heard while astronauts are in space, scientist from earth send sound signals to them and they reply with same sound signals. It takes time for this signals to travel in space. In future, if scientists will be able to create a machine which can catch such unknown waves still roaming in this universe, that will be a great achievement. We would be able to catch all those waves of speeches of great people from our past, including Jesus, Hitler, Napoleon and many others. We would be successful to find out secrets which are lost in past time. Their are many subjects which are still debatable, many mysteries which are still unsolved and many other information can be achieved.

Now we just have to wait and watch, or many people who are reading this blog, some of them may be scientist, can think on my concept and create such machine which may prove a boon to mankind. All the best!!!!!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

False Awakening - Be Careful!!!

From last few days (actually nights!!) I am experiencing a strange phenomena. Actually I have experienced it before too. But these days I don't know its happening every night. I am talking about false awakening. This is the phenomena when a person is actually in sleep but feels like we are awake and we start our daily routine. Isnt that strange??

Whenever we experience a Lucid Dream, we try to come out of it. As we know we are dreaming. But sometimes it happens that we enter into another dream which is replica of real life.  We feel like we are awake now. We can see all those things which are actually present in our room. We start following our routine. But we didn’t realize we are still dreaming. But yeah, their is something unusual in everything we see, if we are able to find out the same, we will be able to come out of that dream. But that dream again becomes Lucid Dreams.

Now the horrible thing is if again the person enters in false awakening, it becomes a loop. First Lucid dreams and then false awakening. Now again one thing comes in my mind. Is this real life a false awakening?? Is everything real or just a projection?? I always try to connect our dreams to real life. Because I still think whatever we see in our surroundings is not true. Their is some glitch.
Anyways coming back to the point, I am experiencing this false awakening.