Saturday, 3 August 2013

Is Really Everything in our hand???

We always say that we can do anything, everything is in our hand. But is it really true. When someone fails to do something, others keep on taunting him, you could have done this, but you didnt tried. But is it really so?? Many a times we work 100%, still we fail why?? As per my view, nothing is in our hand.

Yah that doesn’t mean we should not do the actions or the work given to us. God says, keep on doing work assigned to you, dont wait for results. Leave it on me.
If everything is in our hand, are we pushing the earth to rotate?? Are we giving her direction to move around sun?? Do we produce rains, snowfall, tides etc..
Then we say that this is been done by nature. Then who is this nature?? Whenever we sleep, our brain sleep, but many of our internal organs still keep on working. And if they don’t, we will die. Do we manually give Direction to them?? Mr heart, Keep on pumping, Mr blood, Keep on flowing, Do we do this??

We say nothing is impossible, have we yet conquered death?? Do we humans have complete knowledge about dreams. Many scientists have theoretical explanations to all this, but are they sure that they have completely understood all this phenomena?? Answer is No. We still dont know how mind creates dream and projects in front of us. We still dont know how some disease cause someone to die, when others get cure.

Whenever someone fails to explain some phenomena, we call it as accident. When someone fails to explain reasons behind the fact, we call it as excuses. But they happen. It happens with someone now, will happen with other after some time. Everybody goes through each and every mode of life. And till we don’t experience it, we don’t understand the joy or sorrow behind particular situation.

The conclusion is, nothing is in our hand. We can just do our work, perform actions, rest all leave it on almighty...

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sixth Sense

After a long interval, I am back with new idea. We have heard much about sixth sense. Some people get knowledge of many things automatically. They can sense any danger coming towards them or their loved ones. Just like our favourite cartoon character Spiderman.

But What I think is each and every human has got that sense. The only thing is they are unaware of it, or the power is in sleep mode. Now I am not any baba or something like that who can  enlighten the power. But I myself have realized many things. For example, sometimes I feel like something which I am going to do, should not be done. And If I do it, I either fail or get in some problem. Sometimes students feel like , they will be getting specific questions in their question paper, and they actually come across those questions.

While watching cricket, sometimes we feel our favourite player is going to hit six, or he is going to get bowled and it happens. On Discovery channel, I saw a story of some lady. She used to sense, earthquakes, Floods, volcano eruptions etc. Whenever it used to happen, she used to get sick. Not only humans, animals have strong sixth sense power. Before big natural calamities, animals are seen behaving unusal. Like dogs barking continuously, whole lot of birds migrating from one place to another etc. If it is earthquake, people have noticed, group of mouse coming out of holes. They sense the disturbances in the earth's crust.

I have read somewhere that if god takes out any of 5 senses, it gives extra sense to human. For example, blind people can sense any person coming near to him/her. They can identify who is stranger and who is not. Even in darkness we can walk in our room, not just because we got the judgement, but even sometimes our sixth sense help us to avoid obstacles in our way.

Finally, Just I want to say is, we all have that extra sense, which is always their to help us. Some have it as a god gift, some people didn’t realize it, and some people come across this power accidentally. Have you came across this power in you???

Monday, 24 June 2013

Hey God !! u there??

Existence of god has always been a debatable issue. People who believe say yes, and who don't say no. Every human being believes in some type of supernatural power who is backing them at every moment of their life.Atheist people believe in themselves. They don't believe in god. But many times I think how can we question on existence of god. I got some points you people also must have thought about.

Now first of all, we got lots of temples all over the world. Can anybody tell me how are they created? How can a human imagine which really doesn't exist. As per my knowledge, a man can imagine only if he have seen that kind of thing somewhere around him. He cant imagine anything which is non existing. The ancient people, we can say our great great ancestors, must have seen god. 

Yesterday, I was watching a video regarding Puma Punku, which says in ancient times aliens came to earth and helped us (humans) to establish and organize ourselves. Humans worshiped them as god. They had all those supernatural powers, which we believe a god has. I again want to come to the same point. How can a human write the ancient scripts which our archaeologists discovered with its own imagination. Their are places like mohenjodaro, Egyptian pyramids which are practically impossible for humans to create. 

Are they created by those gods, to teach humans for next millions of decades?? I myself believe in god. And always think he should be their present somewhere in this universe, or even he can be on this earth somewhere watching his devotees (and non-devotees), their actions and contributions towards the nature and humanity. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Incarnation - Believe It Or Not

In my last blog, we spoke about death. When we talk about death, we also talk about incarnation. We can also call it as rebirth. Is that really exist. Lots of research is been carried out by scientists to understand the phenomena. It is something like a soul changing the body when it gets damaged or old. Ultimate fate or destiny of a soul is always unknown. Some people say it rest back to the place (god) from where it came. Some say it never gets peace. It keeps on roaming and changing the bodies.

As per Hindu culture, a soul takes 84 lacs rebirths in different forms including animals, birds, insects etc. And finally it gets human body. And then it goes back to its origin. I read some articles in which I got interesting stories about incarnation. We all must have watched movies regarding incarnation. How can we really describe this phenomena. Taking one example, their was a girl in india living in a very rural area. One find day she met with an accident. When she woke up, she started talking in some other language including English. How can an illiterate girl living in rural area suddenly start talking in English?? she gave description of her previous father and mother and even her husband. People from her village went the place she described and found everything she mentioned, including her old aged parents. In previous birth, she died in car accident. 

One more case was about a small child, who remembered all the incidences from his previous birth. He was a truck driver and died in accident. When his current parent took him to his home, they saw a widow with his son. When they spoke to them, the widow told them the same story which the kid told to his parents. So what this can be?? We cant say it as multiple personality disorder. How can a child have other personality of a truck driver without knowing him?? or how can a girl have MPD and start talking in English though she is illiterate?? no answers. 

If asked to me, I would say that yes i do believe in incarnation, what do you think??

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Death is Immortal

Whenever we think about immortality. We look out for people who are immortals. But we conveniently forget that death itself is immortal. Their is no death to Death. Humans or mankind have succeeded in many fields.But still they are unable to conquer the death. On the other hand we can say that their are many things in this world that mankind haven't yet conquered. Death stands in top of all of them. Their are many types of death. Accidental death, Death due to disease, murder etc. If human succeeds to overpower death due to disease, we can't give guarantee about other kind of deaths. Accidental deaths cannot be avoided, as they are mistakes of human itself.

I have read some articles in which people says we have cheated death. They say that every human has its death time finalized by nature or we can say god. Once the time comes the god of death comes to pick us.But if it happens that god doesn't reach on time (hahaha!!!) the person come across some accident but miraculously doesn't die. Now we don't know its a miracle of his destiny. If we really think about death, it is the phenomena which occurs after immense pain to human body, which may cause due to diseases like heart attack, cancer etc. Other causes are accidental, say car accident, train accident and many others in which human body is hit so hard or on the very sensitive organs that human body can't sustain and it causes a person to die. But this doesn't complete the answer. Every human being, he may be highly educated, but he believes in soul. Their is some kind of supernatural energy and power in every human being which controls human body, its nature, and also the karma. And death is departing the soul from human body.

But then the question arises, where does the soul comes from and goes to?? no answer yet. Many experiments have been carried out by scientists. One of the experiment was done by a group of scientist, which proved the existence of soul. They took a written permission from a person who was very aged and about to die to carry out their experiment. They kept him in a glass box and closed box. Note that the box was air tight glass box. The person died after few minutes. And then they heard sound of breaking glass. When they went near the box to check, they found that glass was broken in one corner. That is the soul left the body and made its way from that glass.

Conclusion, Death is Immortal, and as we change our clothes everyday, our soul too needs to change the body (not everyday!! :)). And for that death is must!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Immortal Sound Waves

I know you people must be thinking what this subject is suggesting?? Sound Waves. We have learnt about it in school days. These sound waves are used in sonar navigation and many other systems. But sometimes I think, does this sound waves die after reaching to some point?

In this universe there are unlimited sound waves still flying everywhere. The need is to catch those sound waves. This sound waves may contain lots of information about many things existing or non existing in this world. Scientist are working on catching those waves, which may prove a boon for mankind. Lets talk about this sound waves on a very low level.

Say, Now two people are talking to each other. Their each word spoken by them creates a sound wave which reaches to others ears, and then travels from ear to brain. Brain interprets the sound waves and then the other person reacts or answers the first person. This happens in fraction of seconds, that we cant even imagine. But it also happens that some waves doesn’t reaches the persons brain. Then where does it go?? This waves keeps floating in our surroundings, atmosphere, and ultimately in universe. We must have heard while astronauts are in space, scientist from earth send sound signals to them and they reply with same sound signals. It takes time for this signals to travel in space. In future, if scientists will be able to create a machine which can catch such unknown waves still roaming in this universe, that will be a great achievement. We would be able to catch all those waves of speeches of great people from our past, including Jesus, Hitler, Napoleon and many others. We would be successful to find out secrets which are lost in past time. Their are many subjects which are still debatable, many mysteries which are still unsolved and many other information can be achieved.

Now we just have to wait and watch, or many people who are reading this blog, some of them may be scientist, can think on my concept and create such machine which may prove a boon to mankind. All the best!!!!!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

False Awakening - Be Careful!!!

From last few days (actually nights!!) I am experiencing a strange phenomena. Actually I have experienced it before too. But these days I don't know its happening every night. I am talking about false awakening. This is the phenomena when a person is actually in sleep but feels like we are awake and we start our daily routine. Isnt that strange??

Whenever we experience a Lucid Dream, we try to come out of it. As we know we are dreaming. But sometimes it happens that we enter into another dream which is replica of real life.  We feel like we are awake now. We can see all those things which are actually present in our room. We start following our routine. But we didn’t realize we are still dreaming. But yeah, their is something unusual in everything we see, if we are able to find out the same, we will be able to come out of that dream. But that dream again becomes Lucid Dreams.

Now the horrible thing is if again the person enters in false awakening, it becomes a loop. First Lucid dreams and then false awakening. Now again one thing comes in my mind. Is this real life a false awakening?? Is everything real or just a projection?? I always try to connect our dreams to real life. Because I still think whatever we see in our surroundings is not true. Their is some glitch.
Anyways coming back to the point, I am experiencing this false awakening.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Immortality - A Boon or Curse ??

In every culture, we can get the description of immortals. They say that their are some people who are still alive. In Hindu culture  (India), their are seven immortals, still on the earth. Many of us think, immortality is a greatest boon. But every coin has two sides.

Immortality leads to really painful events. The first and biggest tragedy for an immortal person is he has to watch his loved ones dying in front of him. The person will be alive for years and decades and centuries. He will be the witness of changes in his surroundings and ultimately the whole world.

In my school days, I read a story of a King, who finds a river, whose water leads to immortality. He becomes happy that he will be immortal now.  He just steps in the water and now he will drink, someone calls him back "Wait Wait!!!!" . He looks out who's that. He finds a crow talking to him in human voice. He says, before drinking that water listen to me first. Tell me why you want to be immortal?? King says, I want to conquer and rule this world for many years. I want to enjoy each and everything in this world. Crow interrupts: "then??? ". Crow says, after completing all those things, what will you do? You will enjoy everything and then one day you will be fed up of everything. Ask me! today i want to die but I am not able to. Whenever I try to kill myself nothing works on me.I tried to cut myself, I tried to drown my self, tried to jump in fire. But it didn't made any scratch on my body. I have witnessed death of my loved ones. Now I am all alone in this world. The world is completely stranger for me. What will I do with this immortal body now?

King thought for a while and went back to his home. There are some process and rules set by the almighty, which should not be interfered. Not because we are unable to break the rules, but there are the consequences which god doesn't want us to go through.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Multiple Personality Disorder...

We have heard about Multiple Personality Disorder. It is the mental illness or disease which is caused due to many reason. Many people suffer from this disease due to tensions, stress, personal problems etc. This problem mostly occur in the people, who don't react or suppress their feelings and emotions. Some people are quite sensitive. Their mind is very weak or becomes weak due to constant personal problems. If someone constantly keep on irritating or teasing or bullying and the person didn't react and keep on tolerating, many times it becomes burden on our conscious mind. And if we ignore, that stress affects our sub conscious mind.

Our sub conscious mind is really powerful. Some times it overpowers our conscious mind, and people react in some different way which they are not. For example, if some person is very cool, shy and introvert, he will become extrovert or tempered or aggressive in such situations. He will forget himself and he becomes someone which he want to become somewhere deep in his mind. The subconscious mind will make him to behave like someone which he wants to.

But this is something about the disease. In other way too, people behave like having multiple personality. For example, a company CEO, will be a father, husband, son at house. He will be mischievous friend in his group of friends. One person, but different role. We have inbuilt multiple personalities. And we do react as per the situation. Say, if CEO is very strict in his office, he will be very caring and soft with his kids and wife. He will behave with respect in front of his parents. Now talking about girls. They too play different roles in different places. If she is a CEO or manager in office, she will be a loving and caring mother, wife, sister at home.

Today in this technology era, we always hear a word multitasking. Computers have multitasking system. But before this computers were invented, or we can say from the beginning of this world, humans are the best example of multitasking. A human, can hear, talk, work, walk at a time. We feel, we breathe and we react at same time. 

Multiple personality disorder is a disease, but inbuilt multiple personality is the boon for the mankind.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mind Control Over Body...

We have learnt in school days that mind completely controls our body. Each and every movement of our body is been controlled by brain. We cant even imagine every movement is been monitored by brain with the speed of nanoseconds. For example, If we see a red color object, the process behind identifying that object is quite large. When our eyes see a tomato, the signal passes through our retina to brain, then brain analyzes from his database that what object is this?? searches for its name, gets the answer that yeah! this is a red coloured tomato. The major role in this phenomena is played by light. The rays of light reflects from an object to our eyes, and the above phenomena takes place. The color is actually projection through the rays of light. As we all know in darkness, we wont be able to identify any object in front of us.

The next example for mind control is that which took place when I was in school. All my friends in our school and teacher used to talk about a section in mathematics, which used to be really tough. Till the time I was unknown about that section. I used to solve those questions very easily. But once my friend came to me and said, that section is very difficult. And from that day, that section became tough for me too. I started thinking, what is the reason behind this??

The reason behind this is our mind is always in the state of learning, understanding and assuming. In short you accept whatever is been told to you. Say if your mom says, if you behave like this, you will get this punishment. You accept the fact, and you don't do those things. But very few people find out the reason behind the fact. In my case what happened is, my brain accepted that yeah those problems cant be solved or they are really tough, actually they weren't. Then even after some other person come to you and say you can do it, you will not be able to do that as your brain doesn't change the mindset easily. It needs a heavy brainwash.

We all must have watched Matrix. In one scene, Morpheus ask Neo to jump from one building to other. As  normal human being can't do it, Neo too fails to do it. But after training Neo becomes expert in breaking all the rules of gravity. The movie is sci-fi and can't happen in real life. But we can relate Neo's behavior with us. A human being can do anything. Everything is possible. But it should come from our brain. Many times it happens that our will power, need and condition around us, make us to do impossible things possible.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Are Dreams Really Connected to Real Life??

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, from childhood I was interested in paranormal, Time travel and related stuff. Dreams was and still is my favorite subject. I always experience one thing when I am dreaming. whenever I wake up from any dream I still get the sensations related to that dream. Say If I saw a dream in which someone hits me on my hand, after waking up, I used to get sensation on the place (of my hand) where he hit me.

Dreams are just the mental projections of sub conscious mind. But they are so much real, that we feel them. Some good dreams, terrible dreams, exotic dreams etc. We feel the environment of each dream and it leaves impact even after we wake up.

My father always tell me a story which he read in some article. Their was a guy who used to get a dream, that some soldiers are approaching him to kill him. From the day, he started getting those nightmares, he was unable to sleep. Whenever he used to sleep, those soldiers use to come closer. He met the doctor for the same. At first the doctor thought it might be routine case of nightmares. But the real surprise was yet to come. In dreams he used to run to save his life. Whenever he used to wake up, he used to get cramps in his legs, as if he had run several miles. Finally doctors decided not to make him sleep for some nights. And if he sleeps, they used to wake him up instantly.

But one night due to some reasons doctor went treat some other patient as he was critical. When he came back, he was shocked to observe the scene. The person who used to get the nightmares, was literally killed. And the wounds were of swords. How is this possible?? who would come to hospital of a psychiatrist to kill that person, that too with swords?? what was the reason he got killed?? What was the secret behind those soldiers coming to kill that guy?? The questions remained unanswered!!!!!

We too have our nightmares. Some people have really stupid nightmares but some have very terrible of them.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Multiverse, Universe and Parallel that somewhere connected to what we call Dejavu??

Again something where people will say..dude you have gone completely mad. But yeah, I think very unusual. Cant help ;-) . So all of us know what is universe. But just some days before I read about Multiverse. The term was put in 1895 by the American philosopher and psychologist William James. Multiverse is the possible set of multiple universes. 

In school, we learnt that their are infinite number of galaxies in this universe. But when I started reading this article in Wikipedia, I was shocked to know their are many such universe out side the world. Then we cant even imagine how many earth, sun moon and other stars are present in those multiverse. 

Now the next thing started pinching my mind was, today what we say those so called UFO's. Is their any chances that they must be coming from those multiverse?? But then something stopped me from thinking this idea. I read the word Parallel Universe. As we studied in school, parallel is something which is very similar to each other walking in same way and direction, but never come across each other. So how can people from other universe come to us.

Think of some other possibility. My name is Sachin. We have lacs of sachin all over the world(lets assume!). But if our universe and other universe is same, then they also must be having many sachin's in their world. They also must be writing this mad blogs somewhere else. Don't you think??

One more possibility came to my mind. We all must have heard about Dejavu. This is the phenomena where the fellow has a sight which he knows or he have experienced it before, or we can say it seems like we have seen this somewhere. So if we are talking about Multiverse, then,
This Dejavu feeling somewhere connects me to Multiverse. For eg, Sachin from other universe have already written a blog. When I start writing blog, I feel like I know these words, typing style, errors. I think I have done this before. Whereas I haven't even written anything. But the connection with Sachin from other universe make me feel Dejavu. Is this possible??

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Are we alone in this world??

Whenever we sit alone at home, though we are alone, we have somewhere in our mind that we are not alone. There are neighbors, people residing in society or nearby area. Sometimes we think, are humans alone in this world?? Is their any other world existing in this universe.

We have heard alot about UFO, aliens etc. But still the layman is completely inaccessible about these things. In short, we haven't yet met any alien or UFO personally ;-).  But their should be some other earths in this universe present. We have got some proofs regarding UFO's. As some were genuine reports of UFO sightings. So the question comes out is from where those people coming from? and what is their moto?
Are they coming here to study human civilization?

Scientist say that aliens or people from other world coming should be very much advanced than us. Of course they should be. Thats why they are able to find us, but we still are searching them. Like our sci-fi movies, one fine day if they attack us, we will be surely not able to defend them.

Before finding if we are alone or not, we should gain complete knowledge about ourself first. We are still not confirm how did human race come to existence. Are we the next generation of Apes? Are we homo sapiens?? We are still not confirm. We didn't even know how was our earth created. who was the first human alive earth. Somewhere we all know that we are alone. But we will have to go out and find who are our neighbors.

Time Travel ! Is that possible or not??

One more favorite topic of mine. Time Travel. Is time travel really possible?? No one has any answer. Till our great scientist invent time machine. But as per the theories put by some great scientists including Einstein, it should not be possible. As per Einstein, if we conquer the speed of light we have better chances to go into future. Uptil now we have conquered the speed of sound. 

Practically if we try to go ahead of speed of light, the machine will actually burn as the friction will cause fire. We will need to find out the alternative for this, but first the target will be to overcome speed of light. I have read many articles, stating that their are some loop holes on our earth, which connects us with the other world. That is you can either go back to past or proceed to future. 

We have some people who have actually passed through these loop holes and came back. Do we have such possibility in Bermuda triangle. who knows??

But as per my view time travel should not be possible. why?? Let me explain.

Say I am in 2050. I entered time machine and set the timing as current 2013 year. The time machine will take me to 2013. Here I will find myself writing this blog. That means right now I should meet my future. But it is not happening.

Suppose we say time machine will create an instance of yours and send it back. These means I will not be able to see my future 'ME' right now. If my future me is wandering or roaming around me. This is something like watching a movie. You cant interact or make any changes in the movie right??

Making changes in past or future is logically not possible. Say I go to my past. Where I haven't even born. I meet my grandparents. If I try to kill them, it will logically pose threat to me. Same thing applies for my future. In short whatever I have studied about this subject, I came to conclusion that even if we invented time machine, we will be able to see our past and future, but we will not be able to change anything in it. As I said before it will just create our instance and send it to future or past, just like we are watching a movie!!!!

You dream is your dream, but what if your reality becomes a dream???

Yes. this is theory put long back by some reputed scientists and philosophers. Just imagine when you sleep, when you are dreaming, you don't realize that you are dreaming (and if u realize, then it is called lucid dreams!!). But if in real, where you can feel, touch, smell, eat, drink, fight and much more... if you realize that whatever is happening is not real then?? Many people will say.. dude you have became mad after watching movie like matrix and inception. But guyz, these are the ideologies presented by scientists and not by me :)

But as a layman if u think, while dreaming you wont able to differentiate between fact and dream rite. We see things happening about which we often think. for example, I think of driving lamborghini and hayabusa, which is quite tough ;-) but while dreaming, I do those things, without even realizing that I am dreaming. (and I enjoy too ;-)). As per science, whatever we see in the dreams are the subject stored in our unconscious mind.

I even love the subject Lucid Dreaming, now what is it?? As I mentioned above, it is the phenomena, where a fellow realizes that he is dreaming. And Yes!!! I have been through this phenomena and also most of you guyz I am sure. The first thing I do when I realize it is dream is start flying (As I am big fan of Superman !! ;-) ). But yeah! we can do anything in our dream, Litterally whatttever we want as their are no laws, no restrictions nothing. 

In our Indian Culture, Vedas and Puranas, their is a verse ब्रम्हसत्य  जगन्मिथ्या . That is whatever we see isnt real. Then what is real?? We don't know. But I am sure we will one day find out the core behind this ideology. Till then, enjoy dreaming and live life happily.. Cheers.